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Qinshan resort hotel is located in ruichang city green hill forest park, mountain, the scenery pleasant, is the tourism and leisure vacation will come to land.
Qinshan resort hotel on August 24, 2009, by lixin group invested 50 million yuan, the total area of 32300 square meters, building area of 23000 square meters, mainly engaged in the mountain resort and hotel services. Inside the hotel has 200 professional service personnel, they go through the system of training, among them there are lectures of ruichang city leaders and lixin group, general manager of knowledge, professional trustworthy. According to international four-star hotel overall design, overall layout for landscape format, it has 66 rooms suites, to create a collection of tourism and leisure, catering, natural health, holiday entertainment four one of the resort. At the same time, the hotel is near hillside next to the forest park, known as the "original castle peak", "green hill" and "green leisure", "humanities qingshan" such as reputation, undertake visitors from temporal and each big city nearby, embodied in the "to eat, can play, can enjoy, can swim, coke" classic tourist routes, enjoying nature, return to natural leisure keeping in good health.

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